T'is The Season To Feel Snuggly  ❄ 3 Minute Read💕

T'is The Season To Feel Snuggly ❄ 3 Minute Read💕


 The suncream is back in its hiding place, nestled deep in the bathroom cupboard, the sunglasses are still lost from the start of summer, and the oh so simple task of leaving the house with kids in tow, has gone from checking they have sunhats and suitable sandals on to needing 27 layers of clothing and breaking a sweat before you've even made it out of the door.

Winter ...you have arrived! 

luckily for us (our pockets) and of corse our ever changing planet, your little mini's wardrobes don't have to have a complete facelift to fit in with the ever changing seasons and fashion vibes. With just a few tweaks you can easily get them warm and snug yet still bang on trend in these colder months. 

Here's a few of our Top Tips that we feel have helped us tackle the winter months with a few less huffs and puffs  ~


> An Oversized sweatshirt and diddy ribbed leggings (obvs the ribbed part isn't a must but they are bang on trend, just sayin) is an absolute must , the easiest outfit for comfort and instant style .. for us mama bears too come to mention it !


The Snuggly Go Out sweatshirt oversized and ribbed leggings toddler fashion style outfits      The Snuggly Go Out sweatshirt oversized and ribbed leggings childrens fashion winter style warm

Call us biased but our extra plush The Cosy Dino Sweatshirt - Pink  or  The Snuggly “Go Out” Sweatshirt – Nelly + Roo (nellyandroo.com)   are the dream team when paired with a simple pair of pants. Its actually hard to express just how thick and scrummy these are, but there's a reason they were our best seller last year , don't just take our word for it ~

 And we have matchy matchy rompers too .... cuteness overload right there !!


> try not to over do it on the layers ...

You know the drill, you've just managed to wrestle that last limb of they're heavily layered little bod bod into their all in one puddle suit, and they are now starfish walking because they can't bend their knees and elbows, due to (as mentioned above) the 27 layers we have crammed on them to KEEP WARM!! Cue "muuuummmmy, i need a weeeee"

 ~ keep it simple

instead of the said 27 layers, investing in a good quality fleece lined puddle suit is a game changer, simply pop it over their normal outfit and hey presto, snug as a bug ... like this gorgy one from Kidly.com ~ Buy the KIDLY Label Fleece Lined Puddle Suit at KIDLY UK

I excitedly bought my little mini me one from them last year after seeing the fab reviews, it did not disappoint and will be paraded through mud and snow again this year too, as it has cleverly been designed to grow with them ...not  magic I'm afraid, but handy adjustable Velcro straps.  #winnerwinner

> Gloves, socks and more Gloves! (or mittens if you don't fancy 10 minutes of finger finding every time you put them on)

 The case of the missing glove is much like the case of the missing sock...its a mystery and man is it frustrating! Although after years of the sock saga iv put it down to the fact that my washing machine must just eat socks , but only ONE from each pair. As i said #frustrating

 So we try to always have a spare pair of gloves, if not two, in the car, or your pockets for these cold finger moments . Luckily you can buy kiddy gloves in sets of 3 , genius! For dinky hands MITTS are a must, soo much easy to whip on than fighting fingers into a pair of gloves!

And while your at it a spare pair of thick socks too, because we all know how irresistible a muddy puddle is.

> Beanie Babe

Is there much more in life that makes you feel ready to brave the British winter , or any for that matter than a snug warm hat on your head?!

Well our mini people need the same .... here's our personal Nelly + Roo fav's  

kids winter warm teddy bear bucket hat fluffy sherpa cute              The Teddy Bucket Hat - Black – Nelly + Roo (nellyandroo.com)

 Well what a ton of cuteness overload the Teddy Bucket Hat is on these two little bears 🐻 These are approximately age 2-5 years , scrummy !!!

And for the baby bears in our lives we have the pastel colored knitted thick warm beanie hats 0-2 years ~

baby warm winter beanie hat knitted wooly

And these ultra stylish , thick velvet feel baby turban hats , they are just dreamy and so warm!baby turban warm winter hat pink green velvet feel thick , cute , stylish , party


So there you have it , that's a few of our top style tips for your favorite little people this winter. 

Thankyou for taking the time to read my first EVER blog , hopefully iv not rambled on too much eeek. And if you have any extra tips we'd love to hear them in the comments below, because two kids in and I'm most certainly still winging it most days ~#thetoughesthoodismotherhood

Happy Winter you lovely lot , here's to cosy nights, sledging and a bucket load of mulled wine ✌🎄 cin cin 🍷







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